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New Adventures

Today my husband and I embark on a new journey.  We are undertaking the chartering of Young Democrats group in our county.  DH has been hand-picked to start our club and I couldn’t be prouder.  Last night we created a facebook page and today we will be working on our wordpress site.  I’m so excited.  I hope this can be something meaningful for him; he really needs a sense of accomplishment and belonging.  I feel like this group of people he’s found in the Democrats has been a life-saver.  Hopefully the relationships that have been built will lead to this being somewhat of a “life builder” in that it will motivate him and drive him towards goals.


Hello again, class!  Today’s lesson is about The Former Teacher.  Bust out your planner, because you’re going to want this sub!  A Former Teacher brings a great deal to the table; she is able to read lesson plans and teach a lesson with competence.  This sub understands the nuances of school and knows what sorts of things are important to a teacher.

You have probably seen this person around your campus.  She is the sub everyone wants!  You can be assured that whatever lesson you leave will be taught, and taught competently.  A Former Teacher can follow your schedule and knows how to appropriately pace the day to cover most, if not all, material that you deem important.  It is even possible that your students can still do center rotations. I would recommend waiting until you have taught your students centers before leaving any sub to do it.  You can also trust this person to give a test or review for one.

A Former Teacher knows that it’s important to be on time to lunch and specials.  She knows that you have to leave the room in time to be at the cafeteria on time.  She knows that you have to allow a certain amount of time for washing hands, tying shoes, and using the restroom before you can actually leave the room on your trek to the cafeteria or the PE field.  You do not have to worry that your students will miss taking their medicine or get on the wrong bus.  Should a student have a question about how he goes home in the afternoon, this sub has the wherewithall to contact the office to clear up any discrepancies.  When Johnnie says, “My mom said I’m a car rider today,” this sub will say, “Do you have a note?”  Johnnie will reply, “No, my mom told me I’m a car rider today.”  The sub will then call the office to confirm that Johnnie is NOT supposed to ride the Dolphin Bus home, but instead go to car riders.

You will notice that the room is put back together.  Folders will have been checked, monies turned in to the appropriate person, and absentee notes given to the office.  The Former Teacher will collect any work that needs to be graded by you, while following your general procedure for handing in daily work.  Sometimes you will notice that the calendar has been changed or other preparations have been made to start the next day on the right foot.

 If you can get her, this is the sub to have!